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Sandy Rogers is a Certified Networker® Professional (certified by the Referral Institute through BNI (Business Network International)), and has been doing business in the Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona market since 1992. She has combined her 40 years plus of expertise in corporate sales, marketing and administration with creative entrepreneurial networking skills to become a master referral source. Her vast experience encompasses event production, planning and management, marketing consulting, and teaching; as well as coordinating of live and virtual networking organizations. Other projects include promoting a variety of businesses, authors and healthcare professionals. Sandy has consulted, coached and promoted extensively with Holistic Health, Spiritual and Metaphysical businesses.

In addition to being a Master Networker, Sandy owns and manages several entrepreneurial businesses, including where she provides marketing, consulting and networking strategies to a variety of client businesses. Living her passion, Sandy is well-known throughout the Phoenix business community for connecting people and projects. If you need to find someone who can help, call Sandy Rogers. She is “The Referral Queen.” She can help connect you and your business. She is also the publisher of The 5 Year Journal - a book where you can journal daily on one page for up to five years (

Join her mailing list at to receive regular updates of events and activities, classes, workshops, fairs and expos; or give her a call at 480-232-5650.


Gisela Arenas, Vibrational Energy Practitioner, Numerologist, Author & Teacher ~ is a Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Quantum-Angel Healing Practitioner incorporating Matrix Energetics and sound healing in her sessions.  She is a teacher of The Heart Experience and incorporates sound healing using the Hu sound within her sessions to balance the chakras and clear energies that no longer serve you. Gisela is heart healer, she lets you see whom you truly are, so you can experience the light within.  She is an empath, channeling messages from your loved ones, communicating with the spirit realm, receiving assistance from the Angels and Ascended Masters to help you shift, release emotions, old patterns, blockages, pain and resistance.  Through these universal quantum energies Gisela will assist you in achieving self-empowerment.  Come and experience Gisela’s openness and expression of love.  Come feel the difference.  She truly is an Earth Angel. “She not only creates sweetness from the heart, she also creates sweetness for the tummy.

Anat Arieli - Spiritual Advisor ~ Certified Practitioner Lifeline Technnique™ developed by Dr. Darren R Weissman


Yvonne Balala ~ Master Palmist, conducts private in-depth palm analyses which provide insight to past, present & future choices and the results of them.  Visit Yvonne's site for all the details Messages from the Palm.

Victoria Barna, Spiritual Advisor  ~ Spiritual Awakening is an Evolving Journey! Join Victoria, a strong listener and communicator.  Ask the Angels and Ascended Masters what serves your greatest and highest good to know RIGHT NOW!  Victoria Barna shifted from corporate executive to volunteering in 1998 wanting to "give back", founding Evolving Journeys in 2007.  Both author and publisher, Victoria serves as a bridge offering workshops and personal coaching which integrate traditional and non-traditional approaches to personal growth and healing for all ages.  Victoria is an energy healer integrating several modalities and her education includes degrees in Business and Theology with an emphasis in Spirituality.  Victoria is an Ordained Minister with Golden Eagle Ministries in Arizona, a member of Spiritual Directors International and I.S.S.S.E.E.M. (The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine).

Kathleen Butler ~ A Certified Spiritual Response Therapist, Teacher and Consultant who uses her skills to help you transform your negative energy that limits your soul's potential for joy and prosperity. Spiritual Response Therapy(SRT) is a quick and accurate spiritual healing technique that helps you to remove blocks to living a better life. SRT works on a spiritual level to help eliminate spiritual, mental, emotional and physical challenges. SRT is a system that works on a spiritual plane. Working with one's spiritual committee brings releasing of old negative soul beliefs and past life dramas. Kathleen is available for private sessions, workshops and classes. To set up a private session or check on scheduled workshops contact APOTU or she can also be reached at 602.667.3388 -


Kathie Cash, Ph.D., Holistic Counseling, Reiki Treatment & Learning Center Energy Medicine LLC ~ is a Holistic Counselor, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and public speaker. She has been a practitioner of Reiki since 1991 and is also a Wellness Facilitator who supports her clients and students combining Holistic Counseling and Energy Medicine. The sessions are designed according to each individual's needs. To contact Kathie call 480.860.6503.

Jamie Clark ~ has the ability to connect you with your loved ones by being able to interpret the feelings and images they impress upon him. Jamie can communicate the information and messages they want you to know with remarkably detailed accuracy. Because the spirit world has no physical boundaries, neither does Jamie's ability to connect with them. The information can be astounding, enlightening and life changing. For more information click here.

Maureen Conrad - Spiritual Consultant ~ ATP - Angel Therapy Practitioner (trained by Doreen Virtue) HypoTherapist, Reiki Master. 602-509-7725



Natalie Ekobo, Spiritual Advisor ~ is a LMT, SRT teacher and consultant, licensed Massage Therapist, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Hot & Cold Stones, Swedish Massage, Lymphatic and Restructuring. FREE 50mins- Clearing your Path to your Magnificence, Success, Joy, Abundance, Serenity, Happiness!! every Monday - by teleconference
8pm(arizona time)  Nathalie Ekobo,
MS, MA  for more info or to register go to or call Nathalie (602) 881-00438

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery ~ is a spiritual coach and counselor, teacher, business consultant and hands-on healer. He is also the co-creator and teacher of the Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki™. He is the founder of Synergy Business Consulting™ and Managing the Gift™ ADD coaching. Dr. Emery also does extensive work as a full body trance channel and has channeled over thirty-five entities in his eleven years as a trance channel. Dr. Emery holds a B.A. in Business & Psychology from the University of New Hampshire and both a Masters and Doctorate in Divinity from the Universal Brotherhood University. Dr. Emery is an ordained Minister in the Universal Brotherhood Movement. For more information click here.

Kathy Emig, Spiritual Advisor ~ is a certified ATP (Angel Therapy Practitioner) trained by Dr. Doreen Virtue and meduim who connects you energetically with your family, friends and guides with in the Angelic Realm. Through her series of classes "Connecting with Your Angels", available exclusively at A Peace of the Universe, she assists you with embracing and developing your own intuitive Gifts. As a naturally gifted healer, Reiki Master, Quantum Touch, TherapEase Accupressure and Spiritual Response Therapy practitioner, she channels high vibrational energies to perform "Angelic Healings" in a loving and nurturing environment. For private sessions call 602.402.4241.


Amy Ford, Urban Shaman ~ is an International Teacher & Tour Leader, Astrologer, Tarologist, Dream Healer, Dancer, Writer, Reiki Master, Yogini, Tantrika, Director of MYTHoloGEM & Star Pilates Personal Training, Musician & Invincible Recording Artist sponsored by REMO Drums. Her work combines the interpretation of your night and day dreams blended with your personal astrology to map out your future. Her Music transports you to a place of peace and healing. Join her  MYTHoloGEM journeys and learn as you travel!


Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, NMD Naturopathic Physician, Center for the Healing the Mind and Body ~ is a Naturopathic Physician. She provides creative natural medicine programs for each individual to attain their highest level of wellness. For your personal appointment in the comfort and privacy of your home - call Dr. Jeanette Gallagher @ 480.991.9659/602.881.5816.

Machelle Glassburn & Karen Dominguez-Cavin founded M & K Healing Salts in 2013 after experiencing the amazing and wonderful “Relaxing, Refreshing and Renewing” effects of Himalayan Salt Crystals. Machelle came up with the idea of creating something that people could have with them anywhere and enjoy the powerful effects of the Himalayan Salt Crystals. Machelle & Karen created crude prototypes to have people test and see if they also felt and experienced the same “Relaxing, Refreshing and Renewing” effects of the Himalayan Salt Crystals. And before long there was a list of people from the United States, France, Denmark and England interested in getting their hands on 1 or more of these mats for personal and business use. So Machelle and Karen knew it was a winner! They found a manufacturer here in the United States to help with the creation of their products. Machelle and Karen wanted to be sure their product was made in USA, though some of the costs are higher, it was something the both felt very strongly about. M & K Healing Salts presents the “Complete Relation Mat” knows as the CRM-1 made in Southern California Now just 2 short years later Machelle and Karen are excited to be selling their first of many different HimalayanSalt Crystal products to you. Please visit our website to find out more and get your very own salt mat! | 818-738-0508 (call only) | 602-762-0205 (call & text)


Bill Harper, Spiritual Advisor ~  Visionary, Writer, & Reiki Master. Bill is a is a Psychic Medium channeling the Masters and their Higher messages. Private sessions are at 602-295-1694.

In Memoriam, Spiritual Advisor, Charla Hartje ~ Will Forever Be In Our Hearts and Will Always Have a Place Here on this website... In Memory of a Dear & Incredible Soul was a Shamanic Touch Master & Reiki Master. Charla is an intuitive offering spiritual guidance from many perspectives.  Having walked a path of Christian spirituality, found herself being guided in the ways of her ancestors to a path in shamanism and earth medicine living.  Blended together these two paths have brought her to a place of service to all our relations.  She is a teacher and healer, facilitating each to heal themselves.  Come empower yourself with tools of love & power for a balanced life.  Charla offers Shamanic Touch Classes, Spiritual Readings & Guidance, Animal Companion Communications, Meditations, Clearings & Counseling.

Vicki Haynes, Intuitive Energy Healer ~ s a channel of Love and Light from the Angelic Realm. She received her Doctor of Metaphysics degree from Delphi University. She is an Ordained Minister of the Church of Wisdom, a branch of The White Brotherhood of Light and holds many other certifications in the spiritual healing field. Spiritual and physical healing is achieved at discovering the root cause at the core level. This is the point where the imbalance started whether in this life or a past life. Discovering ourself is an amazing journey towards unconditional love. With unconditional love we ascend higher to connect with Spirit. Her Intuitive Energy Healing Center's website is:  If you are looking for deeper healing at the core level for expanded awareness please call for a private appointment at: 480-998-1053. Look to the Light inside You - You are the Light

Holly ~ offers diverse specialized techniques. She uses her intuitive skills to provide physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness. Her experience includes, 17 years as a Registered Nurse in neuro-surgery and neuro-trauma. After a life changing experience, she began studying Holographic Repatterning. In addition to her private practice, she is an instructor with electromagnetic Biofeedback Institute. She teaches seminars of her own design. for further info please contact APOTU.





Karen Lee Channel of Sananda ~ is a Master Reiki practitioner and a Certified Hypnotherapist.  Karen Lee’s passion is being an instrument of God’s will in the orchestra of Oneness. To this end she has spent a lifetime learning how to transcend the conditioning of the world in order to see life from a higher perspective and let the cosmic flow live her. Since 2000 she has channeled Ascended Masters and currently is working with a group being, Master Sananda of the Christ Consciousness,  who brings forth messages of the divine source. Master Sananda will hold Satsang with questions from the group. 623 249-6772


Maggie, Spiritual Counselor - Master's degree in met. Sciences, M. Sc., ordained minister, certified advanced crystal healer, certified advanced spiritual response therapy, whole body energy cleanse & re- balancing, office & home energy cleanses and crystal grids, meditations, workshops, one on one retreats, group retreats (2-10 days in length) Member IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists), Member AHHA (American Holistic Health Association), certified leadership program (SRA) For private sessions and whole body energy work sessions or to book a workshop or seminar with Maggie please contact Maggie at 480.304.2491 or,

In Memoriam, Spiritual Advisor, Serge Runningwolf Martel ~ Will Forever Be In Our Hearts and Will Always Have a Place Here on this website... In Memory of a Dear & Incredible Teacher & Friend.  Serge Runningwolf Martel was of Mohawk heritage, Serge was an ordained minister, elder and initiated shaman, who worked with the medicine of prophecy. He was an adept in the release and clearing of negative and dark energies. He held a degree in Psychology, has given lectures, seminars, workshops throughout the U.S. and Europe and an exceptional clairvoyant. 

Victoria Mogilner ~ Trained under the direct supervision of the Dalai Lama's personal physician and in the hospitals of China. Victoria brings a body of knowledge about traditional healing practices for the Far East and integrates them into the modern western lifestyle. She uses traditional facial diagnosis to detect imbalances, and then can advise on over coming addiction, diet, herbs, exercise and guided visualization techniques to rejuvenate teh body, mind and spirit. To set up a private session please contact APOTU.

Marie Montclair - Spiritual Advisor ~ Lived in Sedona for many years and we are happy she has joined our family. Marie does Akashic Records, Readings, is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Reiki Practitioner, does Past Life Regression, 2012 Crystal Healing, Chakra Classes, Remote Viewing, Ascended Masters & Archangels, 7 Ray Classes, Numerology -

Eva-Maria Mora, Spiritual Advisor ~ is a clairvoyant Medical Intuitive with an MBA, who holds a degree in Psychotherapy. Born and raised in Germany, she speaks four languages and teaches worldwide. Eva-Maria left the corporate world in Europe to fulfill her life mission making Arizona her home base. Also a Personal Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor, she is a Certified Quantum-Touch® Instructor and Certified Healing Practitioner. Eva-Maria is trained by Dr. Doreen Virtue in Angeltherapy and Meduimship. She developed a new healing modality and Certification Program for her students: Quantum-Angel Healing®. For private appointments call 480.200.7580. or

Michael Mora ~ is a spiritual teacher, artist and life coach who empowers people and their self-healing He designs and creates personal power pendants which represent the spirit of the wearer (e.g. power animals, angels, spiritual symbols). He uses native American beadwork-techniques and handwraps crystals with 24k gold. Michael is a lifelong student and researcher of shamanism, Egyptian mystery schools and indigenous cultures. He practices martial arts and native American dancing. He is trained by Doreen Virtue in Angeltherapy and is a Quantum Touch instructor. He is very powerful in running life force energy and uses ancient, indigenous knowledge as basis to deal with current life issues and healing of illnesses. Michael is teaching workshops an conducting ceremonies in the US and Europe. He is available by appointment @ 480-200-7580 or

Jaena Moynihan, Spiritual Advisor ~ is internationally recognized as an intuitive consultant and medium whose grounded and compassionate approach to working with others has helped facilitate many in their spiritual growth. Jaena began giving readings at a very young age and has invested over 15 years in the study of metaphysics and spirituality. She has been certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Practitioner of Crystology, Herbalist, and ordained as a spiritualist minister. Jaena gives spiritual intuitive readings that draw from these areas of study and incorporates mediumship, psychometry, and other forms of intuition such as clairvoyance and clairaudience. She is also a trance-medium and currently channels Dr. Peebles and the Band of Angels in private and group settings. Jaena is listed on the website of Allison DuBois, the inspiration for NBC's hit television series "MEDIUM", as one of the few mediums that she recommends for others to work with. For more information about Jaena and the services she provides, log on to her website or


Stacey Napier, RMT - Spiritual Advisor, ~  Medium, Spiritual Response Therapy  "SRT Personal Practitioner" Readings, Clearings, Energy Healing and Messages from your Angels & Guides. For private sessions please email or call 602.614.6889.



Spiritual Advisor, Robert Pease ~ is a nationally recognized Transformational Life Coach and intuitive consultant. After many years of living in Japan, Italy and New York City, Robert was guided to center in Phoenix, Arizona in 2005. Working in movies, television, opera, music and the Off Broadway Theater as a designer and producer, he has worked and coached many celebrities along the way. Educated in Theater, Hotel and Restaurant Design, Computer Animation, and a student of The Science of Creative Intelligence and Quantum Physic at Mahareshi International University, Robert has been a student of the universe dedicating his passion to guiding people to discover their creativity in everything they do! A teacher of Julia Cameron's The Artist Way, Robert lectures and holds workshops to develop deeper understanding of the tools to being prosperous and abundant. As a T L Coach, Robert collaborates with Spirit in the art of Readings (Tarotologist, Natural and Channeled), Energy Therapy/Bodywork (A Course In Light, Reiki, Atlantian Touch, Numerology, and modalities using Aromatherapy, Crystal and Harmonic vibrations) to discover, clear, explore and focus the Client's healing and understanding that they are the creator of their universe! Through exercises in creative meditation, guided visualization and positive mind training, you will learn techniques that you can apply to your life immediately. For private sessions call 917-532-7178. For more information about Robert go to or email him at

Annie Porter, Licensed Acupuncturist ~ Established in 2011 Annie at Spirit Tree Acupuncture has been set on a path of holistic healing since the mid-80's. She has always been fascinated by the body, mind and spirit and how they heal! In 2005 she combined her passion for body/mind/spirit medicine by obtaining a masters degree in Chinese medicine. Six years later, Spirit Tree Acupuncture was born. Now, she uses her knowledge and compassion to help others find healing! She is dedicated to doing everything she can to give you hope out of chronic pain and dis-ease! For private sessions call 480 359 7389. For more information email Annie at



Faith Rayne is an Intuitive ~ is an intuitive consultant using her natural abilities of clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance to assist her in bringing thru clear and precise messages to those that seek to have more clarity, peace and growth in their lives. She works with Spirit to assist people in finding more direction in their lives, to help them heal aspects of their lives on all levels and helps them to obtain more peace and joy whether it be through readings, energy healing or any of the other services that she offers. Along with her abilities to see and communicate with guides, angels and those that have crossed over on occasion, she is also a Reiki Master and an ordained spiritual minister. The main guide/angel that speaks through and works with Faith is Saint Michael the Archangel and his Legion of Angels. Through Faith, he brings forth techniques that you can apply immediately to quiet the mind, to let go of certain fears, to feel more fulfilled and to feel love. Since she was a young child she has been able to hear, see and feel/sense her guides and able to see and sense the auric fields of all things living and nonliving and started to intuitively consultant professionally when she was 12 years old. Her experiences and studies include spirituality, energy, healing, quantum physics (mainly the string theory), the laws of attraction, alchemy, wicca, Buddhism, Christianity, martial arts external and internal, and is also working with Saint Germain and many others in studying the ways of Self Mastery (moving beyond limits). She brings into each session compassion, love and devotion. Call to schedule an appt. 604.564.8641. or 


Shamans Touch and Golden Eagle Ministries are now owned and operated by RJ Martel and Stephanie Campbell.  All monies, manuals and certificates will continue to remain the same.  All orders will go through Stephanie, as well as students being posted on the websites. Please refer to the NEW websites for listings. We will continue to preserve the integrity of Serge's work.  Visit the new websites at: |

Rev. James Thomas Sheller ~ is an ordained Minister in the Universal Brotherhood Movement, is a gifted Wei Chi practitioner and on his way to become a Wei Chi Teacher. His insightful and compassionate intuition and spiritual gifts allow for him to offer sessions both in the areas of intuitive readings and spiritual coaching. He offers both Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki™ Treatment series, in a ten day and a ten week format, as well as Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki™ Clinic treatments. For more information click here.

Gigi Sosnoski - Motivational Astrologer - Worldwide Readings - TV & Radio - Find your time to shine - keep looking up. Judith had a reading done and is so impressed by her gift.  Just email GiGi for a session with your phone # and she will email you when your session time will be and then she will call.  She sends a beautiful chart & CD to you after the session.  928 852-0569 -

Lisa Spomer - The Bowen Technique  - Gentle, Powerfully Effective Pain Relief ~The Bowen Technique is revolutionizing the field of holistic medicine. This non-invasive, all-embracing physical therapy is a valuable and effective tool for pain relief. Bowen is an overall balancing therapy that uses the principle that less is more. It is not massage, acupressure, chiropractic or energy healing. It is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that addresses the entire body by restoring balance via the autonomic nervous system - which controls over 80 percent of bodily functions.

The slow, gentle movements to the muscles, tendons, nerves and/or ligaments can result in greater blood flow, oxygen delivery and restoration of cellular activity in both muscles and organs. In addition to reduction in pain for particular issues, you will experience increased mobility and a general sense of well-being. It is very common to sleep more soundly and have increased energy levels. Bowen therapy also improves circulation, lymphatic drainage and nutrient absorption, all while aiding the body in the elimination of toxins. It is completely safe and appropriate to use for individuals of all ages and in all degrees of health. Yes, even simple, safe Baby Bowen, which can eliminate colic!

This amazing therapy is available through Certified Bowen Practitioner, Lisa Spomer. For information please call 480-225-4339 or visit her personal website,


Daniel Teague is a Starseed Walk-in. Daniel is an Energy Healer, Medium, Empath, and Medical Intuitive. Daniel loves helping to clear homes regarding paranormal disturbances. Daniel can help in person or remote to help heal body pains and medical mysteries. Daniel also can perform medical body scans in person or remotely to sense past, current, and future problems. You can reach Daniel at his website or call him at 602-539-0046.



Valynda ~ teaches classes in Reiki (all levels), Aura Cleansing and Balancing, Inner Child, Flower Essences and has a private Apprenticeship Program available for students who desire to work in the Healing Arts. She is certified in Swedish Massage, Manual Lymphatic Visceral Drainage, Fibromyalgia Massage, Herbs Wraps, the USUI Method of Natural Healing(Reiki), Vibrational Energy Work, Inner Child Healing and Emotional Release Techniques, Ancient Ear Coning, Aura Cleansing and Reading, Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Iridology, Empathetic Healing, Chinese Herbs, Intuitive Counseling, Meditation and Flower Essences. Valynda also hold a Doctorate in Metaphysics and a Ph. D. in Religion, and is a registered Mentor with Prescott Community College. For class schedules or private appointments call @ 602.765.1109.


Mary Ann Wolf - Spiritual Advisor, ~  Channels guidance from the Ascended Masters (especially St Germain), the Archangels and guides in a conversational format. She is also an intuitive energy healer and a member of the Triad Master Healers - Healing by the Power of 3. Mary Ann's Spiritual Journey of 20 years included her becoming a Reiki Master, an Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing Master, a Spiritual Response Therapy/Restructuring Practioner and a Licensed Massage Therapist. These practices and healing modalities have evolved into the conversational channeling and intuitive healing work that she does today. For private sessions call 602-639-3008, email her at or visit her website

Rev. James W. Whatley is a non-denominational trans-religious minister internationally recognized as a spiritual leader, consultant, and professional speaker.  Rev. James, also known as The Messenger 444, through 40 years of study and compassion, has developed clairvoyant,  clairscientient and clairauident  abilities that has helped the one and the many  transform their lives. Services include Spiritual (Psychic/Medium) Consultations, Life Trauma Release, Spirit Releasement Therapy, After Death Communication, Dream Interpretation, Dowsing, Energetic Clearings and Quantum healing in your energy field. Life Purpose consults and Parasite Cleanse too (at his home in Phoenix).  Rev James is an educator through classes that teach psychic development, healing, bio-energy, understanding relationships and more.  Transforming and empowering humanity for today's world. James inspires many toward their own realization of true self and empowerment, leading to greater awareness and ascension.   His  talks inspire many to focus on their spirituality and to fulfill their true  life purpose with harmony and prosperity.  If you are in the Phoenix area, weddings are a great joy!  Visit website for services, offerings from some of the finest teachers of our time—enjoy educational videos too, on the Spiritual Videos page. Rev. James Whatley, 602-268-7744.




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The Conscious Community features some of the finest Metaphysical and Holistic Experts. These are authentic, hard working people that are here to assist you on your unique path.

Psychic Library: an interactive, educational website dedicated to the psychic realm, holistic healing, meditation and more. The site offers insights from a psychic medium about after death communication and provides free psychic reading tools, such as tarot, numerology and astrology, to name a few. Also offered are Astrology and Tarot Readings giv en by Psychic Library's in-house readers.

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Just One Look-Services include Photo-BioStimulation, Infrared Body Wraps, Far-Infrared Saunas, Far-Infrared Rolling Table and Foot Detox.

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